Greece & Turkey 2010


GSA Penrose field forum Samos & Menderes


In May 2010, I joined a Geological Society of America Penrose Field Forum to the Greek island of Samos, and into the Menderes Massif of western Turkey. The trip was organised by Uwe Ring, Klaus Gessner, Talip Güngör and Olivier Vanderhaeghe. The excursion came in a good time, as I was revising my papers on the Menderes, and the discussions with the various people below were greatly appreciated. Below you will find a picture impression of the trip.

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The Organisers







Uwe Ring













Klaus Gessner













Talip Güngör














Olivier Vanderhaeghe







The group, and the field









Kostas Soukis
















Nicolas Thébaud, putiing up his most convincing smile...













With little succes :)















Hanan Kisch

















David Farris












Jamie Buscher













Olga Zlatkin












Dov Avigad















Bernhard Grasemann












Stefan Schmid












Whitney Behr














Francis Wedin














Bob Miller











Rubén Díez Fernández












Matias Sanchez













Whitney, having a pretty bad hairday (storm may have had something to do with it)















Me, carrying way too much luggage (yeah, yeah, and hair. I know).















Nicely folded chert veins in marble














Carpholite! Finally! After reading about that stuff for 10 years! (more actually, I'm getting old...)













Samos, Day 1, all still shaven and clean...













Someone is asking nasty questions...




























On the boat to Turkey


























Olga and Dov enjoying the boat trip.













David and Whitney discussing lunch...













Field planning.













Me, interrupting the field planning with a flashing camera.












Some unfinished amphitheater in the hills.















Pretty spectacular normal fault scarp...

































Geologists, enjoying a scarp. An attempt to explain bypassing tourists what the hell we were doing failed miserably.












Olivier as scale bar, holding a scale bar for the scale bar. I think.

And no, I have no clue why you would sample a fault surface with a fault breccia for paleomagnetism. At all.




























Olga, describing her hammer.













Stefan and Uwe, discussion 1.



































































Uwe, enjoying the weather.












The most important thing you will learn in a 5 year MSc in Geology is why grown-up men can spend an hour on a rock doing what you see in this picture. There's no way of explaining this shortly.