Grand total: $4,751,000


2016 NWO-KNAW China Exchange Program grant ‘Paleolatitudes and Kinematic Reconstructions of the Tibetan Blocks (Qiangtang, Lhasa, and Tethys-Himalaya blocks) within the Eastern Tethys Realm since Late Paleozoic to Present-day’ (with Zhenyu Li) 37 k€
(39 k$)
2014 NWO Carribean Research Program PhD grant ‘4D crust-mantle modelling of the eastern Caribbean region: toward coupling deep driving processes to surface evolution’ (with Wim Spakman, Arie van den Berg) 218 k€
(297 k$)
2014 NWO Open Program PhD grant ‘Towards a quantitative Mesozoic plate reconstruction of the Panthalassa Ocean’ (with Wim Spakman, Wout Krijgsman) 265 k€
(365 k$)
2012 ERC Starting grant 1,500 k€
(1,880 k$)
2012 NWO VIDI research grant 636 k€
(810 k$)
2010 (Co-PI) National Science Foundation research grant ‘Australia Down Under: Quantification of rates and amount of continental subduction during Neogene arc-continent collision on Timor’ (PI’s: Nadine McQuarrie, Princeton; Ron Harris, Bringham Young) Total grant: 499 k$
2007 ISES PhD project ‘Tectono-metamorphic evolution, timing and mechanism of Cenozoic exhumation of the Central Anatolian Crystalline Complex, central Turkey’ (with Reinoud Vissers) 220 k€
(304 k$)
2007 ISES Visiting Research Fellowship for Ayten Koç, PhD student from Ankara (with Reinoud Vissers & Nuretdin Kaymakcı) 55 k€
(76 k$)
2006 Shell-funded research project ‘Geological evolution and reservoir potential of the western Donbas segment of the Paleozoic Dniepr-Donets Basin 200 k$
2006 NWO VENI-research grant “Exhumation with a twist: the evolving anatomy of a metamorphic core complex (Menderes region, western Turkey) 200 k€
(277 k$)
2005 E.J. Garwood Research Fund of the Geological Society of London for paleomagnetism in Mongolia 1.3 k£
(2 k$)
2005 University of Leicester research grant for geochemical analysis of Mongolian lava fields 1 k£
(1.6 k$)
1998 Molengraaff Foundation research grant. Funding for extracurricular fieldwork on Crete 0,8 k€
(1.1 k$)


2011 Geology 2011 Exceptional Reviewer (Geological Society of America)
2011 Physics of Geological Processes Author of the year award (University of Oslo)