Grand total: €5,202,000 ($6,599,000)


2018 NWO VICI research grant 1,500 k€
(1,848 k$)
2016 NWO-KNAW China Exchange Program grant ‘Paleolatitudes and Kinematic Reconstructions of the Tibetan Blocks (Qiangtang, Lhasa, and Tethys-Himalaya blocks) within the Eastern Tethys Realm since Late Paleozoic to Present-day’ (with Zhenyu Li) 37 k€
(39 k$)
2014 NWO Carribean Research Program PhD grant ‘4D crust-mantle modelling of the eastern Caribbean region: toward coupling deep driving processes to surface evolution’ (with Wim Spakman, Arie van den Berg) 218 k€
(297 k$)
2014 NWO Open Program PhD grant ‘Towards a quantitative Mesozoic plate reconstruction of the Panthalassa Ocean’ (with Wim Spakman, Wout Krijgsman) 265 k€
(365 k$)
2012 ERC Starting grant 1,500 k€
(1,880 k$)
2012 NWO VIDI research grant 636 k€
(810 k$)
2010 (Co-PI) National Science Foundation research grant ‘Australia Down Under: Quantification of rates and amount of continental subduction during Neogene arc-continent collision on Timor’ (PI’s: Nadine McQuarrie, Princeton; Ron Harris, Bringham Young) Total grant: 499 k$
2007 ISES PhD project ‘Tectono-metamorphic evolution, timing and mechanism of Cenozoic exhumation of the Central Anatolian Crystalline Complex, central Turkey’ (with Reinoud Vissers) 220 k€
(304 k$)
2007 ISES Visiting Research Fellowship for Ayten Koç, PhD student from Ankara (with Reinoud Vissers & Nuretdin Kaymakcı) 55 k€
(76 k$)
2006 Shell-funded research project ‘Geological evolution and reservoir potential of the western Donbas segment of the Paleozoic Dniepr-Donets Basin 200 k$
2006 NWO VENI-research grant 200 k€
(277 k$)
2005 E.J. Garwood Research Fund of the Geological Society of London for paleomagnetism in Mongolia 1.3 k£
(2 k$)
2005 University of Leicester research grant for geochemical analysis of Mongolian lava fields 1 k£
(1.6 k$)
1998 Molengraaff Foundation research grant. Funding for extracurricular fieldwork on Crete 0.8 k€
(1.1 k$)


2018 Faculty of Geosciences (Utrecht) Teacher of the Year award (1.5 k€)
2016 Geosphere 2016 Exceptional Reviewer (Geological Society of America)
2011 Geology 2011 Exceptional Reviewer (Geological Society of America)
2011 Physics of Geological Processes Author of the year award (University of Oslo)